Wirtz Reports Shipment of 4 Historical Rail Wagons

Posted on 24th November 2020

Wirtz Reports Shipment of 4 Historical Rail Wagons

Wirtz Shipping are pleased to report a shipment of 4 historical rail wagons handled earlier this month to Singapore.

Wirtz organised the transfer from the barge & trucks to railed 72' MAFIs and the booking with Eukor / Wallenius for the shipping on MS. Tiger. Didier Wirtz (Managing Director) comments; "Due to difficulty in obtaining road permits, careful planning was necessary to catch a vessel with large enough doors. The most impressive part was pulling the locomotive from the railed truck onto the railed MAFI. The wagons origin was a museum in France and they are being used for an exposition in Singapore starting in early December."

Locomotive at 53,500kg / 1090 x 290 x 422cm
Tender at 25,000kg / 810 x 290 x 330cm
Fourgon Car at 40,500kg / 2100 x 285 x 415cm
Pullman Car at 53,000kg / 2345 x 290 x 422cm

Please click here for a video made of the shipment.