Registration Benefits

Simply register online for £50 and instantly gain the following for 2 years:


  1. Instant inclusion in our Search Companies online database
  2. Your own profile page including display of your company logo (view example)
  3. Quote Request leads to your email (approved by Freightbook staff to avoid spam)
  4. Dedicated online news/public relations service providing extra company promotion
  5. Your company details will be listed in the FB Index, sent monthly to all advertisers
  6. Direct hyperlink to your website (improving your own search engine results)
  7. Manage your own company profile page with automatic updates
  8. Ability to post ratings and reviews for fellow advertisers (read more)
  9. Your company will also be found on our Smartphone Service
  10. Access to online training (

"Freightbook ... providing a powerful online platform to advertise your business."

Registration Benefits

Manage Your Own Company Profile

Advertisers manage their own company profile with automatic updates. Furthermore, we don't just list basic contact details. Each profile includes company logo, full company formation details; a checklist of services offered; percentage of where business is divided between airfreight, sea freight and road freight; percentage of whether business is inbound or outbound; list of national airports and seaports covered; number of employees and size of warehouse, etc.

Our unique profile pages and new rating system provide a good insight into each registered company which raises confidence and increases business.

Inclusion in Monthly FB Index

We want to provide our advertisers with as much promotion as possible, which is why on the 1st day of every month, all registered companies receive a link to the FB Index, which contains the details of each Freightbook advertiser in alphabetical order by country.

The FB Index is a very useful resource to refer to when looking for agents ... and fantastic monthly promotion for our advertisers.

Dedicated Online News Service

We offer our advertisers a dedicated news service. Upon request, we prepare an article which is then published in our online News Feed. Each article appears automatically on our Smartphone Service and is also featured in our Digital Newsletter.

News articles are linked to the relevant profiles providing extra promotion and a helpful insight to each company which raises confidence and increases business.

Registration Benefits

Smartphone Service

We want Freightbook users to have a good experience with our website, whether on a large PC screen or on their mobile devices. This makes it easier for people to find and contact your company.

Available at

Ratings & Reviews

We have introduced a fabulous new feature inspired by the fact that online ratings are now an essential element to any directory. Sharing first-hand experiences really benefit other forwarders. Read more or print guide.

"I always refer to customer ratings before purchasing products online. This applies to service providers too. A recent survey showed that 91% of businesses are influenced by recommendations when making a decision to use a company so we’ve made it super quick and easy to share feedback on our advertisers." Rachel Crawford, Founder

Global Promotion

The Freightbook team work hard to establish a good presence in the industry and our online directory continues to grow in size and reputation. As a result of our advert, we have noted an increase in Quote Requests which are automatically forwarded to our relevant advertisers (approved by Freightbook staff to avoid spam).

We proudly collaborate with many of the industry's leading exhibitions to enhance the Freightbook brand and bring the right people to our website.

Registration Benefits

Online Training

Freightbook Ltd has invested in both professional training from an industry expert and a bespoke eLearning platform to provide a comprehensive online course on Heavy Transport. The clear and highly effective 6 module online course consists of 71 x 10-minute sessions which cover industry terminology, dimensions, weights and forces, heavy transport, heavy lifting, jacking, stability, skidding and loadouts. When completed, the user will understand the practical, operational, and engineering aspects of heavy transport and lifting projects.

For a full schedule of modules and sessions, click here and watch our video below:

To be clear...

Freightbook is an online business directory dedicated to the transportation industry. There are no rules, registered users are not governed and Freightbook offers no financial protection or arbitration. There are many freight networks already established but some forwarders dislike the ties that are enforced by membership.

Freightbook provides an alternative solution for forwarders to find overseas agents ... and to be found.

For instant inclusion in our database, simple register online for £50 per 2 years.