Wilhelmsen UAE Share Yacht Shipment to Gibraltar

Posted on 16th October 2019

Featuring: Wilhelmsen Towell

Wilhelmsen UAE Share Yacht Shipment to Gibraltar

The ocean team at Wilhelmsen Ships Service UAE are pleased to share another exciting job handled by the company earlier this year - a yacht shipment to Gibraltar.

Sanju Manayani at Wilhelmsen explains; "The challenge was to find a carrier to load the yacht during the Ramadan period and to ensure that all post fixture activities would be carried out smoothly at the port of loading especially during a time when government offices and other entities worked half days and when many other offices were closed."

The pleasure yacht was shipped from Jeddah on board M/V Stellaprima for the successful voyage to Gibraltar. The beautiful yacht is a S120 Manhattan 70 model measuring 22.28 x 5.67 x 1.62m and weighing 41.2tns as photographed in the gallery below.