Uni-Home with Breakbulk Shipment from China to Iran

Posted on 8th November 2019

Uni-Home with Breakbulk Shipment from China to Iran

Shenzhen Uni-Home International Logistics in China have recently handled the breakbulk shipping of equipment and machinery, including a distiller tower, for a production plant.

The whole shipment totalled 529cbm and was loaded in Tianjin in China and shipped to Bandar Abbas, Iran.

Cherry Chow (Overseas Sales Manager) says; "This bulk shipment from China to Iran proved challenging as due to sanctions, there are few bulk owners with a service to Iran. It was also difficult to find a suitable vessel for the client. However, because Uni-Home has been engaged in bulk shipping services for many years, we overcame the problems and the shipment was arranged successfully and smoothly, securing the satisfaction of our long-term client."