UFO Friends Meet in Harare, Zimbabwe!

UFO Friends Meet in Harare, Zimbabwe!

The Universal Freight Organisation (UFO) Head Office is delighted to see this photo of Johnny Hung, President of KS Global Air & Sea in China and Hong Kong, and Willard Mushove, Managing Director of Vision Freight Services in Zimbabwe! The two UFO members recently met at a gin tasting function in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Willard says; "Johnny had come to Harare on a 2 day trip to see a potential client. On his second night in Zimbabwe, he and I attended a gin tasting party at the hotel where Johnny was staying.

UFO's diversity cuts across all ethnic and other imaginable boundaries. Like Johnny, I feel at home in any part of the world as long as there is another UFO member there!"

Rachel Humphrey (UFO President/C.E.O.): "It is great to see UFO members enjoying life together around the globe!"