TIA Logistics Bulgaria Complete Challenging Oversized Transport

Posted on 14th December 2021

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TIA Logistics Bulgaria Complete Challenging Oversized Transport
TIA Logistics Bulgaria Complete Challenging Oversized Transport

TIA Logistics in Bulgaria are pleased to report their latest oversized transport as photographed in the gallery below.

The loaded truck had dimensions of 41.00 x 5.96 x 6.00m (76tn). Deyan Profirov at TIA Logistics explains "We had four main challenges with this load:

Firstly, the usual main road for a truck with these dimensions was closed for construction and the client did not have time to wait so we coordinated with the route agency in Bulgaria and planned another route. However, the new route included a road with a left turn that was impossible to take without removing the sidewalk island. Therefore, we removed the sidewalk with an excavator and after the truck passed, built it back again.

Passing through tight roads in small villages was a difficult test for our team as there were a lot of cables that had to be lifted to allow the truck to continue. Many were electric cables that needed the voltage to be stopped before lifting which required us to work with the electric company to complete. It took a lot of time and effort but we eventually passed through all the villages safely and successfully.

We also had to clear a mountain pass which had to be made with a police escort due to sharp turns and more tight roads. We started the process early in the morning with the police escort travelling 20-30km ahead and pulling over any vehicles so our truck can be the only movement along the mountain pass.

Lastly, for the final delivery at the factory, our clients has two bridges with pipes over the road meaning the truck could not pass with the cargo. Our solution was to hire a 200tn crane that lifted the load above and over the pipes and reloaded it back on the trailer on the other side. We had to do this twice to reach the exact unloading point."

An excellent performance from TIA Logistics with professional solutions for every challenge to ensure a happy client.