Support for Universal Freight Organisation Founder Member, Ade of Broadline Services

Posted on 2nd September 2016

Support for Universal Freight Organisation Founder Member, Ade of Broadline Services

Our good friend Ade of Broadline Services in Nigeria, who joined UFO as a Founder Member in August 2000 is currently receiving treatment in the USA for lung cancer.

John Bright of Express Air Freight has been visiting Ade regularly and has set up a 'Go Fund Me' campaign to help Ade and his Family with the medical expenses as they are adding up very quickly.

John says: "I have known Ade as a dear friend and as a professional business associate for over 15 years. He is a man full of life, energy, and happiness.

He is always ready to extend a helping hand to his family, friends and charitable organizations. Ade is very involved the Lions Club in his home city of Lagos. He is currently the National President of the National Government Approved Freight Forwarders, and he has been making contributions both globally and locally in Nigeria.

However, it is now time for Ade’s friends, business associates, and the global community to come together and support this wonderful man.

Ade is currently in the United States undergoing Chemotherapy Treatment for his Cancer with one of the best Oncologist attending to him. It has been a difficult road for Ade so far. He is far away from his family, relatives, and his home. He is doing his best to greet every challenge with that smile we all know so well.

Ade has many more obstacles to overcome during his fight with Cancer. August 3rd, he started his first round of Chemotherapy. This is to be followed up by at least 5 more rounds - perhaps more. Since Ade is a citizen of Nigeria, he does not qualify for much in the way of health insurance or U.S. Government assistance. He and his family have been dealing with the financial burden by themselves. Ade’s Cancer treatments could exceed $100,000.00. This is too much for him to bear alone.

This is where we can all help show support and join his battle by making a contribution to his Cancer Fighting Fund. I have told Ade to take one day at a time, and with faith he will cross that finish line and beat this horrible cancer. Please donate now to support the Adeyemi Family."