Sovereign Logistics with Multiple Project Cargo

Posted on 14th December 2018

Sovereign Logistics with Multiple Project Cargo
Sovereign Logistics with Multiple Project Cargo

Sovereign Logistics Ltd is the logistics arm of Express Shipping & Logistics Group (ESL).

Sovereign Logistics have been busy recently with various projects in Kenya.

A spokesperson from the company says:

"We are delighted to update the PCN family of projects we have handled at the tail end of 2018!"

Bell 412 Helicopters from Nairobi – Wilson Airport – Durban South Africa

Width: 9.4 feet
Height: 15.3 feet

Scope of Work – Door - Port – Ocean Freight

1. Project analysis to determine the best mode of freight based on customers requirement and infrastructure

2. Lashing and packing cargo to sea worthy standards

3. Export customs clearance and documentation

4. Transport of cargo by road from Nairobi to Mombasa Port.

5. Ocean freight from Mombasa – Durban

Sovereign Logistics' project team undertook detailed preparation and planning for this delicate move. Lashing was done on the transportation cradle for safety since no damage can extend to the fuselage.

Accessories to the cargo were packed in wooden boxes and securely lashed on a 40 ft flat rack container.

Sovereign Logistics adopted global recommended standards used and recommended by the manufacturer to lash move the helicopters. The helicopters and accessories arrived into Durban in good order on 9th December 2018.

Boiler – Cape Town South Africa – Kipkebe Tea Factory, Kenya

John Thompson Simpac - Wood Fired Boiler with Fixed - Grate

Length: 5670 mm
Diameter: 3250 mm
Height: 4350 mm
Weight: 27.8 T

Scope of Work

Destination Clearance and Transportation

1. Advise on customs process and documentation

2. Customs clearance

3. Transport from Mombasa - Kipkebe

Dedicated route analysis was done for route planning purposes. Route identified and permits processed 10 days before vessel arrival, on arrival customs processes were completed within 72 hours.

Boiler was loaded out of port for onward movement to Kipkebe Tea Factory at a speed of 40 km/hr from 0600 -1800 hrs (allowed time for heavy cargo movement in Kenya).

"We look forward to working with fellow members on projects within Kenya."