Rigging Services & Support from Star Shipping Pakistan

Posted on 8th March 2021

Rigging Services & Support from Star Shipping Pakistan

As part of their comprehensive solutions, Star Shipping in Pakistan provides full rigging services and support to their clients and partners.

M. Kamran says; "Star Shipping offers the exact services needed to ensure a project is completed on time, on budget, and in the safest manner possible. We know the unique challenges and specific requirements that EPC contractors, among others, face when executing a complex project.

We understand that the key to a streamlined, successful project often lies in a company's ability to mitigate obstacles with ease and expertise. Our almost 17 years of experience has given us the foundation to provide our services to a wide range of industries across Pakistan and our exceptional fleet allows us the ability to offer turnkey heavy lift, heavy haul, and rigging services for projects both large and small."