Project Shipping with Workboat Shipment from Singapore to Australia

Posted on 7th February 2017

Project Shipping with Workboat Shipment from Singapore to Australia

Project Shipping Pty Ltd (Australia) are pleased to report another successful shipment involving a large 170tn workboat from Singapore to Port Hedland in Western Australia.

The boat, with dimensions of 23.16 x 7.23 x 8.70m, was loaded alongside at Jurong Port in Singapore and lifted onto the vessel's deck using its own cranes (pictured left) then lashed by chains to the satisfaction of the Warranty Surveyor. The voyage took around 10 days to arrive at Port Hedland where the boat was discharged directly into the harbour, again using the vessel's own cranes. The boat then steamed away on its own power to commence work in the port.

The operation had to be carefully planned due to the weight distribution and ballast had to be pumped from one side to the other during the loading and discharging operations in order to keep the boat on an even keel.

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