PCN Releases New eLearning Bonus Module: LOAD OUTS

Posted on 3rd July 2017

PCN Releases New eLearning Bonus Module: LOAD OUTS
PCN Releases New eLearning Bonus Module: LOAD OUTS

Project Cargo Network (PCN) is delighted to announce they have added a new bonus ‘Load Outs’ module to their eLearning Platform pcntraining.com which covers roll-on and roll-off operations, how to ballast a barge during a ro-ro operation and keep it stable while using the changing tide in our favor.

"Our online training platform is ideal for staff who are at the beginning of their career in heavy transport. However, as the training is comprehensive, senior level professionals will also benefit from the practical, scenario and video based course as it will encourage reflection on current practices."

The bonus module contains 12 x 10 minute video sessions including Types of Barges; Background History; Terminology; Barge Stability; Hydrostatic Particulars; Tides; 5 Types of Load-Out Operations; Type 1: Free Floating Barge (Tidal Conditions); Type 2: Free Floating Barge (Non-Tidal Conditions); Type 3: Steel Plates (Non-Tidal Conditions); Type 4: Barge Fixed Aground; Type 5: Beach Landing.

Benefits of using the eLearning Platform include:

  • Affordability. Training courses and workshops are often expensive and involve travel and time away from the office. Our low-cost training provides significant savings for our Members.
  • Easy. There is no driving in traffic, finding parking spaces, leaving work early to go to seminars, or miss important family time. Simply open your internet browser and learn.
  • 24/7 Flexibility. You decide when is convenient to watch the video lessons - late at night or early in the morning, you can create your own schedule as the training is accessible online 24/7 enabling you to balance work and family commitments.
  • Adaptability. Learn at your own speed, you can study the videos at your own page and go back over any lessons whenever you wish.

There is no limit to the number of users each PCN Member can enrol, no deadline to finish training and it is priced at a reduced rate from £150 per user.

Please click here to read the updated PCN eLearning Brochure.