Origin Logistics Deliver Machinery for Iron & Steel Plant

Posted on 20th August 2019

Origin Logistics Deliver Machinery for Iron & Steel Plant

Origin Logistics have recently unloaded and provided on-carriage as well as lashing and unlashing for various parts of machinery (air coolers, oxygen tanks and adsorbers) for one of the biggest iron and steel plants in Turkey.

The cargo, which can be viewed in the gallery below, included 2 adsorbers (as breakbulk) each with dimensions of 5.23 x 5.23 x 3.60m / 20,700kgs, 6 x 40'HC, 1 x 40'OT and 4 x 40'FR. The shipment was loaded in Shanghai in China and discharged at Kumport, Turkey.

In total, 111 separate pieces (199,664kgs) were unloaded and secured for the final delivery with the coordination of the consignee, carrier (CMA-CGM) and the port authorities. The whole process was guided and operated by the expert team at Origin Logistics.

The adsorbers were smoothly loaded onto two separate suitable trucks for the final delivery with professional securing and lashing (channel steel base, steel lacing wire, ropes and triangle woods) ensuring the safe transportation. The remaining parts, such as oxygen compressors, big tanks and water separators, were carried with flat-racks, HCs and open-top containers.

On arrival at the final destination, the Origin Logistics team also successfully performed the unlashing and unloading.