July 2019 Edition of the UFO Digital Newsletter

Posted on 1st July 2019

July 2019 Edition of the UFO Digital Newsletter
July 2019 Edition of the UFO Digital Newsletter

Please click here to read the July 2019 edition of the Universal Freight Organisation (UFO) Digital Newsletter.

"This issue of our Digital Newsletter is packed with write-ups from our fantastic Botswana gathering. You probably have a pocket full of business cards so please don’t wait – email each other now and keep the momentum going! Ensure that you follow up with each other and, most importantly, offer your fellow UFO Members the chance to quote when all new business comes into your office – it is then up to them to provide excellent rates and service to win the business."

"We are now working on our 2020 Biennial Meeting!"

"We strive to provide a high quality and smoothly run meeting, and always consider new ideas and improvements that we can make. We appreciate your time and cost involved in attending and want to ensure that you gain as much value from our gatherings as possible. Next year we are introducing several new features, including 3 new Infovideos, recorded especially by industry expert Marco J. van Daal. We are also excitedly working on a new Event Web App, where you can arrange your meetings, upload your photo, message each other and add notes against each 121 meeting during the event. Finally, after independent research, we have created a new framework of awards to better represent and support the achievements of our membership. The new Award Categories will replace the previous Regional, International and President Awards and full details will be issued in due course.

For now, please enjoy this issue…

Rachel Humphrey FCILT



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