Industry’s First Face-to-Face Events Announced

Posted on 17th August 2021

Industry’s First Face-to-Face Events Announced
Industry’s First Face-to-Face Events Announced

COVID-19 has wiped out the freight industry’s major exhibitions and networking events for over a year with many still postponed until 2022. However, with vaccination programmes under way and travel restrictions being lifted, many organisations are now confident that they can implement the safety measures they believe to be appropriate for opening back up networking events.

"We can't wait to safely welcome back our Members and have 3 events planned for September and October 2021" says Rachel Crawford, CEO of Universal Freight Organisation, Project Cargo Network, Cargo Connections and DigiFreight.

Rachel adds that industry events will likely go through a period of adjustment before they look anything like we remember, and her networks are taking precautions to ensure their delegates safety and well-being.

“We have been following the evidence from the Events Research Programme which is being used by authorities to shape policies for the return of crowds to venues. Hence, all delegates will be requested to take a Lateral Flow Coronavirus Covid-19 Test (provided free of charge) before the meeting starts. We are also providing BS EN1500 and BS EN1276 certified hand sanitisers and comfortable, 100% cotton double layer reusable face masks.”

“Meeting face to face is important and we are confident that we can safely and successfully put on a great event for those who would like to attend after such a long time apart. We are in regular contact with our venue reviewing our safety planning and ensuing that all official protocols and guidelines are followed. We know from experience that forwarders see increased business after meeting in person. This is especially important after the impact the COVID crisis has had on our industry …. there is much to discuss!"

Additionally, every network that Rachel manages has invested and launched new Meeting Hubs which enable their Members to quickly schedule virtual meetings with their fellow partners at a mutually convenient time (with time-zones automatically considered) using the platforms that have now become an essential part of daily life including Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and WhatsApp. In between face-to-face events, network management allocate a series of consecutive days where all Members are invited to participate in Virtual Events (at no extra charge) - the perfect opportunity to follow-up their face-to-face meetings.

Rachel adds “The past year has been incredibly challenging, and we have adapted our networks as the new ways of working have emerged. Organisations like ours exist to connect and empower local forwarders through the challenges they face and getting people back to meeting face to face is vital as the world begins to recover from the severity of the pandemic.”