Global Logistics Alliance Sign 2 Large Contracts for Solar Plant Projects in South Africa

Posted on 17th November 2016

Global Logistics Alliance (GLA) in South Africa have recently signed 2 important contracts to handle the transport of cargo for solar plants in the country - Kathu Solar Park and Ilanga CSP 1.

The Kathu Solar Park, situated in Kathu within the Northern Cape Province (approximately 1,050km from Cape Town Port) is a 100mw Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Project which is scheduled for completion in the second half of 2018. GLA has been appointed to deliver and custom clear an estimated 2,000 x 40' containers as well as dozens of abnormal shipments (transformers, heat exchangers, steam turbines etc.), including pieces weighing up to 350tns, from the various ports of arrival to the site.

Ilanga CSP 1 is also a 100mw Concentrated Solar Power Project, located in Upington, Northern Cape (approximately 860km from Cape Town Port). The cargo volumes to be custom cleared and delivered for the Ilanga Plant will be very similar to the above Kathu Solar Park Project.

The GLA team conclude; "Having commenced the delivery of cargo to these 2 new solar plants, it means that GLA have been the officially nominated agent for all of the completed and under construction CSP Solar Plants in South Africa - A fact we are very proud of! These solar plants include:

  • Bokpoort CSP Project
  • Ilanga CSP 1 (Karoshoek Consortium)
  • Kathu Solar Park
  • KaXu Solar One
  • Khi Solar One
  • Xina CSP South Africa

Another 5 large photovoltaic solar plants have also been successfully completed by GLA in the past year."

Please check on the Freightbook News Feed for upcoming photos and details of these ongoing projects as abnormal cargo is transported and delivered to the respective sites.