FREJA Move Huge Modules Across the World

Posted on 7th June 2016

FREJA Move Huge Modules Across the World

FREJA Transport & Logistics are pleased to report the handling of 6 huge modules as photographed in the gallery below.

FREJA chartered a coaster to pick up 3 x 305tn modules in Helsinki (Finland) with each measuring 10.94 x 5.09 x 9.20m. The chartered coaster then went on to load 3 more modules in another Finnish port - this time each one weighed 171tns and measured 6.34 x 6.34 x 4.98m. Then, all 6 modules were shipped to Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

In Rotterdam, the pieces were re-loaded as loose cargo to a container vessel bound for the Far East. The re-loading was carried out as a ship-to-ship operation using a 1,800tn floating crane.

The total weight and volume of the shipment (6 modules) was 1,430tns / 2,137cbm.