Fortune Italy Reports their Latest Heavy Cargo Movement

Posted on 14th July 2020

Fortune Italy Reports their Latest Heavy Cargo Movement

Fortune International Transport in Italy are pleased to report their latest heavy cargo movement.

Managing Director, Paolo Federici: "We never stopped during the lockdown and transport continued with the companies that had not closed completely. However, exceptional transports, special loads and our specific project cargo sector have faced a period of decline. But we have now begun the transportation of a heavy piece in Italy weighing 70tn (pictured in the gallery below).

The cargo left Piedmont destined for Friuli Venezia Giulia on the other side of the country on the Adriatic Sea as the height of the cargo is too high for Tyrrhenian Sea ports. While Italy was in lockdown, we extensively studied the route, which took 4 nights of travelling, to avoid going over bridges (due to the weight) and through tunnels (due to the height). The final plan was agreed with the road authorities and confirmed in good time."

"We hope the imposing sight of the cargo moving (the truck is 30m long and only travels at night!) does not startle anybody as it means Italy is recovering and getting back to business!

"A second piece, which must always travel with an enabled truck, was also loaded the next day but it will not create any traffic problems and the two pieces arrived at the destination together."

"Fortune International Transport has been specialising in the management of special transport for many years now and gained considerable experience ranging from boarding at all major Italian ports (to date we have coordinated operational ships at Trieste, Monfalcone, Porto Nogaro, Chioggia, Venice, Ravenna, Ancona, Bari, Naples, Salerno, Civitavecchia, Livorno, Marina di Carrara, La Spezia, Genoa and Savona) to river transport (several operations at the port of Mantua to transport pieces that could not travel by road to Venice) as well as air shipments (we loaded 80tn turbines on an Antonov and worked with Ilyushin planes too). We have also utilised wagons and railway locomotives for the most disparate destinations in the world and we are experts in loads on flat-racks and platform containers, providing full road and feasibility surveys in advance. Rather than managing shipments, we solve problems, find solutions, coordinate special routes, supervise boarding and even provide for the installation of special machinery at destinations (at this very moment we are agreeing to manage a special operation of this kind in South Korea). Contact us with confidence!"