First Global Handle Subsea Structures from Egypt to India

Posted on 18th October 2019

First Global Handle Subsea Structures from Egypt to India
First Global Handle Subsea Structures from Egypt to India

First Global Logistics have handled a recent shipment of 5 subsea production structures from Suez in Egypt to an offshore site in Mumbai, India.

Mazen K. Sabry (Business Development Manager) explains; "Back in 2017, First Global Logistics was awarded the 1st job movement for one of our precious clients of 6 offshore metal structures serving an oil field. We successfully and safely moved the 6 steel units from the client's plant in Suez to Mumbai. In September 2019, we received a notice from the same client that we have been automatically awarded as their first choice for moving a new set of a similar subsea structures from the same plant in Suez to same destination in Mumbai."

  • Quantity: 5 Subsea Systems
  • Unit Dimensions: Each at 7.5 x 7.5 x 6.0m
  • Unit Gross Weight: Each at 15,000kg
  • Total CBM: 1,687cbm

Mazen continues; "Despite the huge dimensions of the cargo and the road obstacles that we had to face, we used our experience from the previous project to smoothly transport the units by conducting a thorough road survey with RBA (Road & Bridges Authority) approval, arranging a police escort convoy and doing some civil works by removing the port of loading's (Adabiya Port) main gate. The previous job took 3 weeks of work but due to our understanding of the project, this one took only 3 days of work plus 1 day of execution."

The scope of work handled by First Global Logistics included:

  • Loading of the 5 subsea units at the shipper's plant using a 100tn capacity crane;
  • Lashing & securing of the units on 2 extendable low-bed trailers;
  • Trucking from the plant in Suez to Adabiya Port;
  • Arranging the police escort convoy;
  • Road & Bridges Authority approvals;
  • Civil work and the removal of Adabiya Port's main gate;
  • Hooking on of cargo using vessel cranes.