EZ Link & Hacklin Logistics Execute OOG Cargo Movement

Posted on 19th April 2023

EZ Link & Hacklin Logistics Execute OOG Cargo Movement
EZ Link & Hacklin Logistics Execute OOG Cargo Movement

EZ Link, Project Cargo Network (PCN) members from Taiwan, recently cooperated with Hacklin Logistics - their fellow PCN members from Finland - to execute a time critical shipment between their respective countries.

Their client's request involved a yacht with measured dimensions of 8.35 (L) x 2.59 (W) x 2.90 (H) meters, and weighed 2954 kilograms.

Hacklin Logistics received and loaded the cargo onto a low-bed trailer at the site and arranged the delivery to the carrier's warehouse for re-loading onto a 40' flat rack container. It was then shipped from the Port of Rauma in Finland by feeder vessel to be connected to the mother container vessel at Hamburg Port before onwards shipping to Kaohsiung Port in Taiwan.

Due to the tight scheduling of the shipment, EZ Link and Hacklin provided their client with the most suitable solutions to ensure a timely arrival, despite Hacklin facing disruptions of a stevedore strike; as well as a shortage of 40' flat rack equipment in the ports of Finland.

Both members kept their supplier and consignee informed & updated of all situations, including the status of the strikes and their impact on the cargo transportation.

"By the great cooperation and communication between EZ Link and Hacklin, the clients were satisfied with our offering of 'timely and reliable service'."