EZ Link & Central Oceans Join Forces for Time-Sensitive Shipment

Posted on 19th February 2021

EZ Link & Central Oceans Join Forces for Time-Sensitive Shipment

Project Cargo Network (PCN) members, EZ Link in Taiwan and Central Oceans in Thailand recently joined forces for a time sensitive shipment.

Willie Tseng at EZ Link explains; "To meet our USA client's request to urgently ship 3 x 40'OT, stuffed with steel equipment for construction, from Rayong in Thailand to Los Angeles, we joined forces with Central Ocean Thailand and were completely successful in handling the time-sensitive project.

Facing the Covid-19 pandemic, tight space with shipping carriers and serious roll-over cargo at some hub ports, EZ Link's client in the USA was deeply worried about their supplier in Thailand being able to smoothly book space in mid-Jan as the urgent cargo must arrive in Los Angeles no later than mid-Feb."

Their solid relationships with shipping carriers and the professional teams of EZ Link Taiwan and Central Ocean Thailand working together were able to get the vessel space with a guarantee of no roll-over, perform the quick stuffing of the cargo at the job site, deliver the cargo by inland haulage to the port and load it on board the vessel in good time.

The client was left fully satisfied with the timely and reliable services thanks to the two PCN partners.