Europe Cargo Discharge Large Pipes for New Jetty

Posted on 2nd August 2017

Featuring: Europe Cargo

Europe Cargo Discharge Large Pipes for New Jetty

Belgian agents, Europe Cargo have recently discharged large pipes for the construction of a new jetty in Zeebrugge.

MV. HHL Kobe arrived at Quay 205 at Zeebrugge Port under Europe Cargo's agency with 20 loose pieces of new and unused LSAW welded steel pipes plus coatings on board. The shipment had a total gross weight of 1493.80mt and a total volume of 4449.89cbms. Each of the 20 pipes had a diameter of 2.30m, weights ranging from 69.85 - 78.20mt and lengths ranging from 39.40 - 44.40m. Photos can be view in the below gallery.

All the cargo was safely discharged ashore into specially made wooden constructions. The pipes were then put into upright positions in their special frames before a floating pontoon STC crane (400mt SWL) moved them one-by-one to the opposite site of the dock where they will be drilled into place for the new jetty.