DC Logistics Brasil Handle 56' Yacht

Posted on 4th September 2019

DC Logistics Brasil Handle 56' Yacht
DC Logistics Brasil Handle 56' Yacht

DC Logistics Brasil have handled another interesting project - a 56' yacht loaded on a water/water basis and shipped from Brazil to Colombia.

"Due to the cargo size and mainly the height, the yacht couldn't reach the terminal by truck so the cradle was delivered by the gate and the yacht by water. The loading from the water was 3 days before the vessel's arrival at Itajai Port in Brazil and we were in charge of the whole team including the divers. In about 3 hours, the yacht was loaded from the water, dropped and lashed on the cradle and tarped. The customs clearance was done the same day and the vessel carrier loaded on a bed of flat racks on a container vessel as photographed.

Upon arrival at Cartagena Port, our excellent Project Cargo Network (PCN) partner in Colombia, Anker Logistica y Carga reliably supported us and the yacht was unloaded on the quay, removed from the cradle and dropped on the water after customs clearance."

  • Cargo Details: 56' Azimut Yacht (New)
  • Dimensions: 15.32 x 4.67 x 8.20m
  • Weight: 23,000kg