CMX Global & Goodrich with Australia to Kazakhstan Project

Posted on 24th June 2020

CMX Global & Goodrich with Australia to Kazakhstan Project

CMX Global Logistics and their Project Cargo Network (PCN) partner, Goodrich Central Asia have worked together on a recent shipment of 3 motor coolers from Australia to Kazakhstan.

The 3 motor coolers are used in the mining industry and weigh 15mt each with dimensions of 4.83 x 3.50 x 2.63m. They were loaded on 3 x 40'FR in Australia and shipped to China where they were reloaded to 3 low-bed trucks before making the 4,000km journey to reach the final destination in Kazakhstan.

In Australia, CMX Global Logistics and their Global Project Manager, Ilija Ivanisevic controlled the entire operation and showed the company's expert skills with the entire handling until arrival in China.

Sanju Mani at Goodrich comments; "This shipment was executed in May with almost all countries under COVID-19 lockdowns so carriers with blank sailing were an issue and the Kazakhstan-China border had strict regulations regarding Chinese drivers entering Kazakhstan territory and the reloading from China trucks to Kazakhstan trucks. However, everything was carried out in the shortest possible time despite the difficult challenges and the cargo was delivered on time."

Ilija Ivanisevic at CMX adds; "This shipment is one of a larger project that we are moving which also includes 4 gear boxes as breakbulk at 37mt each and 400 TEUs."

Another successful job reliably handled together by PCN members!