CEA Complete Komatsu Trucks Project

Posted on 29th March 2017

CEA Complete Komatsu Trucks Project

Back in February of 2016, CEA Project Logistics carried out the unloading and storage of 13 Komatsu 830 E Ultra Class Haul Trucks (click here for more details). The trucks had originated from a mining site, deep inside Central Kalimantan in Indonesia and arrived at the C-0 terminal in Laem Chabang Port (Thailand) on the vessel HR Recommendation. After unloading, they were transported under CEA escort and stored at the CEA Free Trade Zone, also located in Laem Chabang Port.

Now, after one year in storage at the Free Trade Zone, all 13 trucks were to make the journey to Russia to begin service on their next mining project. During the original project, CEA transported the trucks to the Free Trade Zone by 24-axle Combination Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs), however, on this occasion the trucks were driven to the load-out location at the C-0 Terminal by CEA drivers specially trained in the operation of the Ultra Class Haul Trucks.

Before any of the Komatsu's left the storage area, each one underwent an inspection and test drive around the yard to ensure that every system of the truck was functioning correctly after a year in storage. After all checks were completed and all parties were satisfied, the trucks made the short journey across the port one by one. Each truck was shadowed by two CEA escort vehicles per trip to ensure maximum safety for all other vehicles on the route.

Upon arrival at the C-0 Terminal, each truck was positioned alongside the Singaporean-flagged vessel, AAL Dampier (see below gallery for photos). The Dampier's stevedoring team quickly got to work securing the necessary rigging equipment for the lifting and to maintain efficiency throughout the project, as each Komatsu began its lift onto the vessel, the next one would begin the journey from the CEA Free Trade Zone. This efficiency resulted in all 13 Komatsu Trucks onboard, secured and ready for shipping in less than two days which was one day earlier than had been initially projected, much to the delight of the client.

Marketing & Communications Manager, Earl C. Brown concludes; "The strategic location of our Free Trade Zone facilities in Laem Chabang enables us to offer a comprehensive scope of logistics services with realistic cost savings for our clients. For more information on what services CEA can offer, contact us today."