Cargo Connections Fundraising: 2 Small Business Projects in India

Posted on 28th March 2017

Featuring: Cargo Connections

As well as helping hundreds of individuals living in poverty (mostly children) to access insulin and medical care, The Dream Trust also helps provide funding for small business start-ups so that their patients can become self-reliant and gain pride and dignity.

At their 2017 Annual Summit, Cargo Connections Members raised over USD $1000 which has helped the expansion of the following 2 small business projects in India:

Project 1

To improve and enhance a Chicken Biryani center, we are funding plastic furniture including tables and chairs for the boy’s customers.

Project 2

To help a project expand where a girl cooks food and delivers Tiffin’s (defined as a snack or light meal) to her customers. Presently she has 10 customers for whom she cooks 2 meals a day. She wants to increase the capacity and to do that we are funding a gas cylinder connection, burner, Tiffin boxes and other utensils.

Cargo Connections President, Rachel Humphrey says; "We are delighted to support both these projects and hope that they make a difference to the lives of those involved."