BBL Complete Challenging Transport Project with Centralog

Posted on 17th May 2021

BBL Complete Challenging Transport Project with Centralog
BBL Complete Challenging Transport Project with Centralog

Last month, Groupe BBL completed a challenging but successful transport project together with their Project Cargo Network (PCN) partner, Centralog. The project involved the delivery of OOG parts in a specific order to an industrial worksite in Serbia.

  • Industry Vertical:
    EPC - Engineering Procurement Construction
  • Cargo:
    Stator & Parts - Gearbox - Turbine - Turbine Cover (in this order!)
  • Services Provided:
    Customs Clearance, OOG Road Transport, Overseas Flow & Insurance
  • Trade Lanes:
    Chennai (IN) - Trieste (IT) - Belgrade (SR)
    Milan (IT) - Belgrade (SR)

The Client

Our Italian client is one of the important subcontractors for a fantastic EPC project - building a large 'energy from waste' plant in Belgrade, Serbia. The engineering mid-sized company is a world-renowned expert in the production of steam turbines, boilers, heat exchangers and pumps.

Their mother company is one of the largest civil companies in India. Headquartered in the state of Tamil Nadu, this century-old corporation has a great record of building landmark structures.

The Challenge - One Week to Assemble 5 Components (223tn)

Our client planned to hire a very expensive crane to assemble its complete steam turbine system (global value of over €5m) on the high floors of the construction site in Belgrade.

Our CAPT Team (Center for Analysis of Project Transport) was in charge to coordinate. The plan was firstly, a 68tn stator and 20tn of accessories imported from India to be lifted on the Monday and Tuesday, then from Milano, a 52tn gearbox on Wednesday and a 60tn turbine on Thursday ending on Friday with an Indian-built 23tn turbine cover.

The Solution - Pacing the OOG Cargo's Flow in a Seamless Way

  • A buffering stop in the Port of Trieste in Italy in order to synchronise the Indian-origin components with the Milano-built components.
  • An appropriate risk prevention and insurance strategy in between the different legs of transport.
  • Perfect preparation of paperwork for smooth customs clearance from India to Belgrade after transit in Italy and from Milano to Belgrade.
  • The swift reactivity of our team in the wake of any manufacturing incidents and rescheduling.


  • The reliable logistics solutions provided from the origins to final destination ran smoothly with no issues or delays.
  • The challenging coordination of transit times and delivery at the site were ensured.
  • The flexibility of our team was remarkable when some rescheduling was requested by the client.