AlNahrain Successfully Complete Project in Congo

Posted on 15th February 2021

AlNahrain Successfully Complete Project in Congo
AlNahrain Successfully Complete Project in Congo

AlNahrain Company for Transportation and Marine Services have recently completed a shipping project from Jordan to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The cargo of 103 units included:

  • 30 x 20’ SOC Containers {27x20’ + 2x20’ Dry DAG + 1x20’ Guns}
  • 53 vehicles of several types.
  • 7 trailers
  • 13 unit (Break Bulk)

The comprehensive project used 35 truck Trailers (30 FB for 30 Cntr. & 5 trucks for Generators), 9 Car Carriers, 19 Low-beds, 5 bobtails “Recovery Trucks” and Two cranes & forklift for Loading. Here is a description of the project from AlNahrain:

  • This project was assigned to us by one of our important partners to hold the responsibility for direct representation and to execute the project.
  • As per our Partner’s request, we have started with a thorough assessment for the whole shipment by conducting a professional and official classification and survey for each item and arranged a comprehensive report; this Survey report was considered as a reference for the shipment’s evaluation.
  • In accordance with our Action Plan, we had several meetings with the Shipper “Directorate of General Security” in Amman, thus we managed to prepare our Implementation Plan to match cargo readiness and expected date of movement synchronizing with the Vessel arrival which was expected to be on 13th. of Jan. 2021. On the other hand we have agreed on the required Convoys and Escort.
  • We have instructed the Operation & Trucking Mangers to prepare all needed Vehicles, Machineries and Equipment to be ready at the site as per scheduled and agreed with the shipper.
  • To achieve a comprehensive follow up, we were on daily contact with; the Shipper (Directorate of General Security) and the Shipping Agent to provide our Partner with the daily and on spot reports.
  • We have instructed our Clearance Broker at Aqaba Port to start with, Export Customs Clearance formalities at Aqaba Port coordinating with G. Security Rep.
  • On a Parallel level, we prepared a table with complete details for drivers and trucks to be submitted to the G. Security to obtain entry Permits to the site Location.

Trucks Movement & Handling at Aqaba port:

  • It was agreed with all related Parties {The Shipper, Our Partner and The Shipping Agent} to move the whole shipment in 4 Major Convoys, each consist of Appx. 15 Trucks; but the 3x DAG Conts. should be moved in a separate convoy after the Vessel Arrival.
  • On 3rd. of Jan.2021 evening time, all needed Vehicles, Trucks, Low Bed Trailers, Car Carriers, Cranes and Forklifts in addition to needed Tools as well as Binding and Lashing Equipment, all were ready and available at loading site to maintain completing the loading process properly at the right time and under our working team supervision to assure moving the Convoys at early Morning as agreed.
  • On 4th. of Jan 2021 the 1st. and 2nd. Convoys departed the Loading Site in Amman respectively heading towards Aqaba Port as per scheduled, escorted by General Security Patrols - front & rear-, two Recovery Trucks and our Working Team, to maintain safe and secured arrival.
  • All trucks arrived to Aqaba Port the same day in good condition unblemished and received by related parties: “Our working team, the General Security Reps. and Clearance team”.
  • All needed formalities at Aqaba Port were going smoothly in a perfect way and the 53 vehicles were unloaded and stored at suitable yards. The whole procedure was completed with full care.
  • The 3rd and 4th. Convoys consist of 27 Containers on Flatbeds and 20 machineries loaded on 5 trucks, the total quantity is 32 trucks.
  • Now, to comply with the time schedule, our team started loading on 4th. of Jan. evening to be ready for departure on 5th. of Jan. early morning.
  • The two Convoys departed respectively, heading towards Aqaba Port as per scheduled, escorted by General Security Patrols - front & rear-, two Recovery Trucks, and our Working Team, to maintain safe and secured arrival. On 5th. of Jan at 5:30 PM. All trucks arrived to Aqaba in good condition, unblemished and received by related parties; the 27 Containers and 20 Machineries were unloaded and stored at the suitable yards.
  • The final Convoy, for the remaining (3xDAG. Cargo Conts.); they were loaded and departed the site on 13th. of Jan. heading towards Aqaba escorted by the needed patrols, to arrive in coherence with the M/V arrival to Aqaba Port. The Chartered M/V arrived on 13th. of Jan.2021 at 5:40 AM. Cargo Loading into Vessel started with the vehicles at 11:15 AM.
  • Upon arrival to Aqaba on the same date; the three trucks loaded with DAG. Cont. were kept at the General Security yard waiting instructions to move to Port for direct delivery to Vessel for safety and security Purposes.
  • On 14th. of Jan, the remaining items of the shipment were loaded on the Vessel together with the DAG Containers, the whole process was done with utmost care and under our working team supervision. The M/V completed loading the shipment and finalized all related formalities at 10:15 PM on the same day.
  • During the project stages, we provided our Partner with regular daily reports and on spot reports supported by pictures.