Al Nahrain with Water Authority Project in Jordan

Al Nahrain with Water Authority Project in Jordan

Al Nahrain Group have handled 61 water supply management vehicles plus spare parts in Jordan. The vehicles were granted to Jordan from Japan and were transported in 2 lots - firstly, 40 trucks arrived at Aqaba Port at the beginning of February and the remaining 21 trucks plus 3 cases of spare parts and machinery arrived mid-March.

Al Nahrain were responsible for the port handling, customs clearance and inland transportation from Aqaba Port to the Zarka Free Zone (Z.F.Z.). After completing customs formalities, storage and traffic registration at Z.F.Z., the trucks were delivered to the final destination of the Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ)'s workshop located on the Zarka Highway.

"This shipment of self-propelled vehicles arrived at Aqaba Port in two lots by RO/RO vessels. Our working team was ready and available at Aqaba Port for each vessel's arrival, particularly to be aware of the vehicle's condition after de-lashing and before rolling out to the yard. Therefore, we had the opportunity to inspect all vehicles 'on-the-spot' and carefully watch the discharging processes which was performed almost identically for both vessels. To ensure an efficient operation, we instructed our clearance broker to start with the formalities as soon as possible and it was completed within a couple of days. After arranging all the required long 'vehicle carrier' trailers, we loaded 3 units on each as photographed. For each lot, all the cargo departed Aqaba Port and were delivered to our storage yard at Z.F.Z.

As per specific rules and regulations for the granted vehicles, the process had to undergo special formalities and multiple correspondence between all related parties through the Governmental channels. Both lots were eventually stored at Z.F.Z. for almost one month each to complete the requirements and obtain the traffic registration as well as plate numbers to enable departing to the final destination. Upon the completion of each lot's registration, we swiftly arranged the needed trailers for delivery. As usual, and through our long experience in this regard, our team applied the proper lashing and chaining, ensuring the whole process was controlled with full safety and security.

All truck movements were escorted by our equipped patrols, front and rear, to maintain a safe journey and delivery with the whole operation completed with full care to the best satisfaction of our client. The 1st lot was delivered to the WAJ workshop on 13/03 and the 2nd lot was delivered on 03/04."

Another well-managed project handled by Al Nahrain!