Al Nahrain Transport Large Cable Reels in Iraq

Al Nahrain Transport Large Cable Reels in Iraq
Al Nahrain Transport Large Cable Reels in Iraq

So far, 2018 has been full of activities for Nahrain Group and they have conducted and been involved in a lot of projects in both Jordan and Iraq. They have been delighted with the satisfaction and good feedback received from their clients due to their usual distinguished performance.

At the beginning of the year, Al Nahrain handled a project for the supply of power cables for the Ministry of Electricity in Baghdad, Iraq. The large power cables reels (high voltage 132kv, aluminium conductor, 1x2000mm) were picked up at the Safwan Border and delivered to the Ministry of Electricity in Baghdad (see below for photos).

Al Nahrain performed the trans-loading at Safwan from Kuwaiti loaders onto Iraqi loaders, customs clearance and inland transportation from the Safwan Border to Baghdad warehouse.

  • "Kuwaiti loaders arrive at Safwan border and we prepare trans-loading them onto Iraqi loaders.
  • After that, we completed the customs formalities at the Safwan Border including full cargo inspection.
  • The Iraqi low-beds loaded with the cables were then moved to the final warehouse in Baghdad under the supervision of our expert working team and after getting the required and necessary approvals as well as the coordination to deliver the cargo safely. All loaders departed from Safwan as one convoy, escorted by our equipped patrols, front and rear, and arrived safe and sound to the final destination in Baghdad."

The whole operation was completed with full care and without issue to the satisfaction of the client. Al Nahrain yet again show their reliable and expert capabilities!