Al Nahrain Move CAT Excavator from Jordan to Saudi Arabia

Al Nahrain Move CAT Excavator from Jordan to Saudi Arabia
Al Nahrain Move CAT Excavator from Jordan to Saudi Arabia

Al Nahrain have recently moved a Caterpillar excavator (CAT385C) rig with all accessories including a mono boom & counterweight. The main part of the excavator weighed 114tns and the full accessories had a total weight of 115tns and involved several parts with lengths up to 24m.

The cargo was picked up from the site in Swaqa, 110km South of Amman in Jordan and delivered to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia via the Zarqa Free Zone (Z.F.Z.). Al Nahrain comments; "We are proud that we managed to secure this job through one of our distinguished clients, who has full confidence in our performance. Being a multitasked job that requires full preparations and precautions in all aspects, this project was unique and important and we applied a high level of HSE (Health, Safety & Environmental) standards to ensure a safe and secure delivery."

The shipment required 9 truck trailers of several types as specified below:

  • 6 x standard truck trailers: 3 x flatbed and 3 x wall-sided
  • 1 x low-bed trailer (18m length)
  • 1 x long carrier trailer (24m length)
  • 1 x wide & long low-bed truck trailer with 9 axles (18m length, 4m width & 120tn capacity)

Al Nahrain's scope of work was handled in three stages:

  • "Loading the cargo at the Swaqa site. Upon the trucks arrival to the site, our working team was ready with all required equipment. Complying with all safety instructions, the load was secured by applying special lashing ratchet and cam buckles, fixing the fitted dunnage and using appropriate load binder chains and standard slings etc.
  • Moving the loaded trucks from the Swaqa Site to Z.F.Z. escorted by our patrols, front and rear. All trucks safely arrived and entered Z.F.Z. to start the customs formalities.
  • All trucks arrived at the Al-Omari Crossing on the Jordan border and passed over to Al Haditha on the Saudi Arabia border where the customs formalities were completed. Then, all trucks departed heading to the final destination of Jeddah City at a distance of 1,400km, except the low-bed trailer which required a longer period during inspection at the border and was delivered shortly after."

The whole 9 truck shipment was delivered safe and sound, always fully escorted, to the complete satisfaction of Al Nahrain's client. Click below for photos.