Al Nahrain Handles Project for Ministry of Education in Iraq

Posted on 9th November 2018

Al Nahrain Handles Project for Ministry of Education in Iraq

Al-Nahrain are pleased to report a recent project they have successfully completed for the Ministry of Education in Iraq involving the handling, clearing and delivery of 162 x 40' (plus 2 x 20') containers of school books in their usual professional way.

The large number of 164 containers were transported from Umm Qasr Port to the Ministry of Education (MOE) warehouse in Baghdad for the books to then be distributed around the country.

Although this was a relatively simple project, time challenges called for a smart solution as Adham Obeidat (Al Nahrain Business Development Manager) explains; "Our main task for this job was basically built on an exempted shipment for a governmental sector. It was agreed with the shipper and consignee that all related documentation and official letters should be ready and in-hand prior to the shipment's arrival at Umm Qasr Port. However, some of the documents were incomplete and required amendments that effected the release of the shipment as planned. So, Al Nahrain intervened and managed to minimise the delay as much as possible by assisting in completing the documentation and through our influence with the related departments. Amendments in similar cases have meant delays of up to 2 months, but we managed to swiftly clear the shipment.

Our interference in accelerating the amendments was fruitful and eventually we completed customs clearance formalities and the 1st lot of our trucks departed the same day to the MOE warehouse in Baghdad. To avoid any truck shortages for the loading process, the complete quantity of 163 trucks were ready and entered the port spontaneously as per our schedule and the port loading capacity. Customs clearance was processed on a parallel level and we applied the maximum level for the loading ratio and managed to complete the loading of 163 trucks within 48 hours with all operations completed smoothly and safely."

All containers were delivered in Baghdad safe and sound and without delay. As usual, Al Nahrain directed major importance to the project and dealt with this shipment with full efficiency and high professionalism despite the time challenges and prompt solutions required to release the shipment. Adham concludes; "We are proud to be part of this project and glad about the feedback that we received from our client as well as the consignee, both fully satisfied with our performance".