Al Nahrain Completes Long-Term Power Cable Deliveries

Posted on 20th July 2018

Al Nahrain Completes Long-Term Power Cable Deliveries

Al Nahrain, located in Iraq and Jordan, have recently completed a long-term contract delivering power cables for the Ministry of Electricity in Baghdad.

Since the first shipment in November 2017 up to the final delivery earlier this month, Al Nahrain has efficiently run the operation processes and delivery of reels of high voltage power cables working as a sub-contractor for the business. The reels were picked up from Safwan on the Iraqi Border with Kuwait and delivered to the Ministry of Electricity warehouse in Baghdad. Photos can be viewed in the below gallery.

Al Nahrain's scope of work started by receiving the shipments at the exchanging area in Safwan and then trans-loading the cargo from Kuwaiti to Iraqi trucks. Ragheb Banat at Al Nahrain explains; "As all the reels had the same oversized measurements, each weighing 14tns with a 3.5m diameter, we applied the same arrangements of vehicles, gears and equipment for each shipment ensuring safe and secured operations. Therefore, we always had prepared cranes ready with suitable capacities as well as the required slings with spreaders to avoid friction damage during the process, proper chains binders and safe lashing materials."

Since the start of 2018, Al Nahrain have safely and successfully delivered the following shipments for the project:

  • January - 80 reels loaded on 40 low-beds
  • February - 54 reels loaded on 27 low-beds
  • March - 46 reels loaded on 23 low-beds
  • June - 68 reels loaded on 34 low-beds
  • July - 58 reels loaded on 29 low-beds

Ragheb continues; "As usual, we directed our paramount importance to cargo handling and lashing as our main concern was to ensure damage-free results. During transport, the trucks moved in convoys escorted by our fully-equipped front and rear patrols for safety and security purposes."

All operations were delivered with full care to the complete satisfaction of their client. A consistently excellent performance from Al Nahrain from start to finish!